About Huda Mehmood

Huda Mahmood plans to complete her BS degree in Electrical Engineering and then enrol in a Writing Program to pursue her interest. She aims to write a novel one day, and is presently an editor at Zeest Newsletter at Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences. So how did Huda come to write for FUCHSIA? Because passion knows no boundaries! 'Writing for such a magazine is an exciting experience in itself', says Huda. If she had do to do anything differently in life, she would not change anything! Huda has learnt that there is wisdom in contentment. 'It might seem weird, but even the times that I made mistakes, were actually opportunities for me to grow and learn'! Her motto? 'To become a better person, and be of help to those around me. There is always scope for improvement in us'!

When it comes to fandoms, the list begins with Harry Potter for many. Even those who were saved from the magical spell of the series would have had friends who were obsessed with it. In every group of friends, there must have been a Harry Potter fan. Everyone has heard about Harry Potter and theContinue reading