About Farah Kamal

farah Kamal holds a Masters in Language and Literacy Education from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. She is presently working as Executive Director, iEARN Pakistan, Founder and General Secretary of Society for Intl. Education. Farah loves travelling, photography, painting, health and nutrition. She juggles many creative talents as a writer, blogger and a TV Chef. Farah has visited an astounding number of countries - over 54. With another 12 new countries scheduled to travel to in 2019. She learns life lessons from movies: "Crying is probably the last thing I ever did watching a movie". Says Farah. As a personal goal, she wants to stay fitter this year. Her motto in life: "Live for others and make it happen for them. Explore the whole world before I die." Follow Farah here on Instagram: @fskamal

Travel to these Five Destinations Off The Beaten Track and you’ll never be the same! I often say that the best relationship I have is with my passport – yes, it’s a Pakistani passport and presents multiple visa hassles, but my wanderlust is insatiable and no travel challenges will keep me away from what IContinue reading