About Beena Ahmed

Beena Ahmed believes she always harboured a knack for writing. She contributes her words on multiple platforms and strongly believes in self-learning. But this Pharmacy major, who formerly worked as a Medical Reaserach analyst, doesn't let life limit her choices. She is a self-taught artist and hopes to exhibit her Art one day! She patents a "Nirvana for life" attitude and lives by the motto-Losing all hope is freedom! To read more from Beena, keep reading FUCHSIA as she embarks upon her writing journey with us!

'I can’t believe my eyes' is a familiar phrase, but 'I can’t believe those earrings?' Well if you spend most of your time scrolling away on social media, or often catch your eyes fixated on those lawn walay billboards, you might have noticed these long, dangling bunch of threads  hanging from Mahira’s, Marwa’s and Syra’sContinue reading