About Amna Haq And Maria Arif

Amna, aiming to earn a Masters in Social Policy finds inspiration in the writings of Arundhati Roy. A feminist at heart, she wishes to cover stories -up-close and personal- of brave, resilient women in South Asia who fight against the odds in every little and mighty way they can. She aims to grow as a writer and explore her budding love for journalism. Maria, currently an undergrad has been involved with Dar-ul- Sukoon as well as her own Non-profit start up: Unfolding Lives. Although writing is her dream, and she wants her words to weave an emotional spell over her readers, Maria not only plans to publish a book, but also become a fitness trainer and acquire culinary skills!

Heart-achingly melodious voice…soul touching music and a lover’s shairi; no one has ever sundg it better than the Lord of music, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. The name itself is enough to evoke a wave of raging emotions and feelings within you, and if all the songs on your playlist read his name, you are doingContinue reading


Disclaimer: You may want to stop reading this if you’re a fan of this seemingly ‘new’ fashion fad. No offense to anyone but we think gharara pants simply don’t make the cut. Here are 5 legit reasons why they may not make you look chic and bold. 1 . You’re likely to trip, and itContinue reading


A helicopter blasting into pieces, angry Transformers rising from the deserts, spectacularly-shot intense fight-scenes, vivid graphics – the trailer of Project Ghazi drove us to the edge of our seats! For the longest time, we Pakistanis have only had American or Western fictional superheroes to be fond of – Superman, the Dark Knight, Wonder Woman. And, while DCContinue reading