About Aaisha Hussain

Aaisha Hussain is currently completing her GCSEs at a Grammar school in the UK and loves reading, Art and Makeup. ‘I have always had a passion for writing and makeup/skincare. Through FUCHSIA, I have been given the opportunity to explore further and write about what interests me.’ Says Aaisha. She aspires to become a journalist and have her own blog one day! Aaisha is a devout Harry Potter fan, and a self-confessed Foodie – ‘I can make a dessert out of anything,’ she says. However, she also aims to lead a healthier lifestyle and stay fitter! Life has two rules, says Aaisha. #1 Never Quit #2 Always remember rule #1

I have never been an ardent writer, but what I am is someone with an eye for scenic views and beautiful landscapes; which is what has led to my passion of capturing images of places, faces and landscapes. And to top it all off, is my love of flowers. Tulip Mania, the ongoing display atContinue reading


5 Minute Makeup Tips to Keep you Glowing All Day Long! Makeup. It’s all about perfection and flawlessness, right? Wrong! We believe makeup is all about enhancing the positives to create a glow and radiance that stays with you throughout the day! So, after years of experience and inspiration from some of the biggest makeupContinue reading