Around The World In 15 Clicks: Christmas Lights 2017

By Shazia Habib
December 22, 2017
This Christmas, we asked our readers to send us their ‘Special Christmas Clicks’ from all over the world. We were truly amazed by what we saw, and we hope, you will be too. Here they are, so sit back and enjoy some of the best Christmas clicks of December 2017!

Oh Christmas Tree oh Christmas Tree…a mall is just a mall, till it takes on a Christmas Tree! And a skating rink in downtown Toronto. We love the neon lights here! 



Oxford Street, you might have seen, but Kew Gardens in winter? We love the dazzling tree lights…kind of AVATARISH if you ask us. Catch the magic here!



Dubai is Dubai is Dubai…need we say more! Playing host to Christmas markets at Jumeirah and St. Regis Hotel Gardens, 


Basel is not only known for Roger Federer (You knew he was born in Basel, right?). The Christmas Markets are perhaps one of the best in the world, and we have the pics to prove it now! 


SAKS Fifth Avenue, New York – Are you getting the Oomph factor here? We sure did, and had to dedicate an entire frame to this magnificent display! 


Rejoice in the holiday season. Go ahead and click that pic! A lifetime of memories in cold, cold Toronto! 


If you haven’t seen them yet, yes, there are Christmas lights in KL! And here’s one for you. We won’t dream of a ‘White Christmas’ here, but the holiday spirit is going strong 😉


The Salisbury Christmas Market is renowned for its Medieval feel and old-world charm. If it’s Mince Pies you want, seated inside a chalet, then this is where to be! If in Britain, do as the Brits do and indulge in those mince pies over Chrismas 😉


Christmas Lights in downtown Toronto! Feel the magic in the air!


Christmas Lights in downtown Toronto! Feel MORE magic in the air! 


Bahrain steps up to share the magic! 


With the lights and the onset of evening, Christmas markets open shop in Zurich!


Brookfield Place, The Palace Hotel and SAKS Fifth Avenue – New York City


Sometimes, a little is a LOT! With Love from Schaffhausen, Switzerland


And we leave you with a song and a dance, and a smile on your face, as we post our final image of this unbreakable pair. We can’t quite catch the Christmas Lights here, but it’s Christmas Day all across the world as Mount Titlus in Switzerland pays homage to these two characters right atop the summit (We’re talking about Shahrukh and Kajol, of course!) 


And that’s it from us, we hope you enjoyed these 15 clicks around the world. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!


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