Pakistani Man Woos American Woman – Love Story 2018

By Sidra Khan
November 16, 2018

East Meets West In A Fairytale for the Digital Age – Are Hot Pakistani Men Taking Over the Internet?

american women

Sialkot Calling!

While we all are obsessing over the wedding of the year (that’s the DeepVeer shaadi fever I’m talking about, in case you had any doubts), there are some less famous people fighting all odds to make their fairytale come true. In a rather (or not so much, I leave this on you) surprising occurrence, an American woman has traveled thousands of miles to Sialkot, Pakistan to unite with a man she had never met before (shaking my head over here in disappointment), I mean fell in love with over social media. Maria Helena has decided to tie the knot with Kashif, who at 21 has just turned old enough to be of a legal drinking age in the western part of the world…wait, what? The 41-year-old vet has even decided to embrace Islam before beginning her marital life with “the love of her life” (not my words, I cross my heart on it!).

A Pakistani Man Has Made Us Proud by Turning an American Woman into a Believer

Word has it that the student sent his American love a few scholar Zakir Naik videos to explain different concepts and is currently teaching her how to pray. Well, at least there’s something good coming out of it. Now we can sleep well, knowing how a Pakistani man has made us proud by turning an American woman into a believer and ignore the absurdity of the idea that lies in the differences between the two (I did not just mean the age, but that sure is the first thing that came to your mind, isn’t it? Be honest).

American woman, Pakistani man, internet wedding
East Meets West – Internet Weddings

What I Want to Know is – How in the World are these Men Managing to Woo these Women they Met or Talked to Just for a While?

This isn’t the only incident of its kind this year, though. In April, an Indian woman, who came to Lahore to attend the traditional Baisakhi festival, married a Pakistani man and embraced Islam. In January, a Japanese woman reached Sadiqabad to marry a Pakistani man. What I want to know is – how in the world are these men managing to woo these women they met or talked to just for a while, so much so, that the ladies change their faith, travel thousands of miles, marry the guy and in the case of the Indian Juliet, even refuse to go back home! Where are these eligible, romantic men when all the single Pakistani gals are wasting their Saturday nights just cleaning their ‘others’ inbox of messages from two-timing frauds who just want ‘fraandship’? Are we too demanding or men around the world are so much worse that women are gladly settling for them this side of the globe? Well…that’s anyone’s guess.

Do Pakistani Women Stand A Chance With Foreigner Ladies Nabbing All Our Eligible Bachelors One By One?

The duo first came across each other on Instagram about 10-months ago. According to a report, after their ‘friendship’ blossomed into love (rolling my eyes so hard I could do an Undertaker impression) Kashif invited the would-be-bride to Pakistan. Now, you may be thinking why this qualifies as news because every other day one hears of a foreigner who has decided to travel to India or Pakistan for love. And you are right, but you also have to admit that in most of those cases, the poor gals end up getting scammed and stranded, or worse – dead. So basically, even though this is high-risk behaviour on the gori mame’s part, we are just glad that our Pakistani brother seems to be genuinely in love and has kept our reputation…sort of.

In a video interview that was released after Helena landed in the country, the couple can be seen hanging out in what can best be described as a shady motel, with Kashif’s friends. One of them jokes about asking Kashif to find him an American bride as well, preferably a 60-year-old one. I am losing confidence in this whole shenanigan with every single word I type. The interviewer, who seems to have had a special brownie (if you know what I mean), keeps making the connection between the “shy” Kashif and the fact that cricketer Shoaib Malik, who married Indian tennis player Sania Malik, are from the same city. And he keeps calling Kashif “Iqbal ka Shaheen” because Kashif has achieved…something?

“You Must Keep Her Happy. Better Not Leave Her After Receiving The Green Card” – Interviewer’s Advice To Kashif 

For Helena though, all I can say is that if she were a teenager, her parents would be doing everything to stop her and the internet warriors would be writing parenting manuals for them and warning her against everything that could possibly go wrong with this plan. In this case, however, Helena is old enough to be the parent, so I’ll just let her take care of that on her own.

american woman

Getting back to the love story, the would-be-groom has reported that preparations for the wedding have been completed and that his relatives are set to enjoy the spectacle that would give them enough content to generate gossip for the whole of next year…I mean, they are set to attend the special occasion. We wish them all the best in this Pak -American Dosti. May this union lead to bigger and better things to come for both the people involve, and may our Pakistani brethren let them live happily ever after – Amen to that!


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