Al Rehman Biryani Centre – Out & About Town, Karachi

February 22, 2019

Biryani is the love of our life. Be it chicken, beef, nalli, or qeema, every variation of biryani is delicious. Every variation of Biryani is just delicious. Karachi, (as the Lahoris know at their cost) is the hub of Biryani. You can find this beauty in every nook and corner of the city. It can be found in posh setups presented in delicate china or on a random cart where it is delivered in paper plates. There are various places famous for their biryani including Student Biryani, Premium Biryani, Food Center, Biryani of the Seas, and many others. Our passion for food and trying out different places took us to Al Rehman Biryani Centre at Towers. This area of Saddar is famous for its ancient food hubs and we decided to try the Biryani! Anticipating the biryani is what kept us going as it was far far away. We fought over the selection of dessert because there were multiple desserts available from zarda to kheer to lab-e-shireen. The biryani of Al Rehman Biryani Centre was average, not out of the world, we had better biryanis than Al Rehman Biryani Centre. It wasn’t too spicy and that was a good thing for us, we filled our hearts and souls with the king of food and get back to the office after a memorable day.

We heard a lot about this place near @tower in #karachi, where you get this awesome #biryani. Heard Al Rehman Biryani Centre an old place and for years, it’s been serving biryani to people from all over the place. It serves #chicken and #aloo biryani as well as Zarda. #chickenbiryani is everyone’s favorite so we were really excited to go to this place. We thought it would be far and very difficult to find out but surprisingly we got there quite easily and didn’t face any difficulty.


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