Ahmad Ali Butt: In Conversation With FUCHSIA

January 6, 2019

Ahmad Ali Butt – There is more to this talented comedian than just laughs.

Ahmad Ali Butt needs no introduction. From hosting award show ceremonies to playing a female in “Jawani Phir Nahin Aani 2 (JPNA2)”, Ahmad Ali Butt has made us laugh countless times. His witty comments and scripts have entertained us in an age where laughter and comedy are hard acts to follow. Many of you might not know that he is the grandson of the legendary Noor Jahan.

We sat down with Ahmad over coffee to talk about fatherhood, his mischievous childhood, about being a husband and also, growing up as the grandson of Noor Jahan. Watch the video to discover the funny and serious side of Ahmad Ali Butt.

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