Ahad Raza Mir: Uncut, Unedited, No Filters

November 4, 2018

Ahad Raza Mir has stolen a million hearts across the nation. Dr. Asfandyar in YKS had us floored! As Saad (AVM Haider), in Parwaaz Hai Junoon, his fans got another glimpse of the hero that has set many hearts fluttering. With multiple characters, screen names and more projects on the way, we set out to discover who is Ahad Raza Mir the person?  Who lies behind the characters he plays? What is his take on issues such as feminism, and women in the industry? What would he ask his father, Asif Raza Mir? What does he wish we had asked HIM? Is he a romantic at heart? What drives him? How does he like his Biryani, what would he cook up on a first date? And, are flowers REALLY the perfect gift for that special someone?

So hold on to your hearts ladies, as we bring to you…the ONE and ONLY…Ahad Raza Mir!

Ahad Raza Mir – Interview with FUCHSIA


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