AFTERWIT – Restaurant Review

By Rabia Mughni
January 9, 2018

Mexican Taqueria 

Halal Cafe

Food is an essential part of the lifestyle in Singapore. One could even say that most of the entertainment revolves around food. So every time we hear of a new restaurant, we’re eager to find out if this could be part of our regular ‘hangout’ cafe list. AFTERWIT – Mexican Taqueria is not new though, as we came across it recently. The fact that it ‘s listed as a Halal Food cafe, was an added bonus. AFTERWIT – Halal Mexican restaurant is located on the North Bridge Road, among several other eateries. Parking is available on the road so you might want to ‘cab it’ on the weekends. It’s a cosy restaurant, with an intimate feel and a friendly staff to go – just ideal for family lunches and after-dinner coffee and dessert with friends. The menu consists of a large variety of tacos, burritos and quesadillas to choose from. What really intrigued us were the Mexican combinations on offer: the BOL DE BURRITO where you can have any of the burritos in a bowl topped with fresh slaw and a sunny side up, DUCK A LA ORANGE taco with smoked duck, alfalfa and orange puree, to name a few. Read on to find out more about our food experience at AFTERWIT-Mexican Taqueria!


Corn chips, Cajun chicken, jalapeños, olives, cheddar, mozzarella and nachos
Crispy, fresh and tangy. The cheddar and mozzarella add the extra cheesy element. It’s a tangy chaos of nachos, cheese and salsa with jalapeños that you’re going to just love.

You want to give this one a try for sure!


Garlic, honey, lime and salsa picante
We found the wings to be a tad on the sweeter side and were a bit disappointed not to be able to taste the jalapeños in the marinade itself. If you like the taste of honey in your food, this is your dish. We found it to be just okay and slightly disappointing in flavour. You can easily skip this one and spend the same calories on something better.

You’re not missing much here!


Chuck beef, caramelised onion, and chipotle salsa
Double Chilli Cheese Burger is AFTERWIT’s most popular burrito from its burrito menu. We chose Mexican rice over mashed potatoes to go with this combo. The rice is also part of the filling in the burrito. The beef was well-done and went well with caramelised onions. The combo was quite filling and heavy, to be honest, so after a while, we just ate the rice filling without the tortilla. And guess what, this tasted even better.

Go for it!


Mushroom and cheese quesadillas
$20 full /$12 half
The mushrooms and cheese filling was slightly bland for our taste palate. Heaps of salsa and sour cream helped add some much-needed flavour to this one.

Only if you love your mushrooms or desperately feel like going vegetarian


Karaage is a Japanese technique of deep-frying chicken in Sake, Soy sauce, ginger and garlic, before coating it generously in potato starch. So be prepared to experience the taste of chicken nuggets with a distinct flavour of reddish. The taco shell, we have to admit, was fresh and crispy. For us, the flavours were a bit too adventurous and definitely not what we will be ordering next time.

For the adventurous foodie in you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Mud crab, papaya, Sriracha lime sauce
We tried this one upon the recommendation of the outlet manager. It was definitely an interesting combination for seafood lovers. One can distinctly taste the crab meat and lime sauce. The over-powering fish-crab-seafood flavour did not appeal too much to our taste buds! So we’ll be skipping it next time for sure.

Strictly for the die-hard sea-food lover in you. For the rest, there’s Chilli Cheese Burger!


The restaurant serves Jarritos coolers especially imported from Mexico, to add a Mexican flavour to the menu. We tried the guava cooler, upon the recommendation of the staff. It’s supposed to be the best selling drink on the AFTERWIT menu.
It was refreshing and not too sweet. The guava flavour came through with the added soda. We love the straws. They add an authentic Mexican touch.

Do give it a try


Six oven-baked Spanish doughnuts rolled in cinnamon sugar, served with a caramel dip

Freshly baked, soft from the inside with a crispy exterior, the churros tasted nice with the caramel dip. We loved that they were not too decadent so we could easily have a few of them without feeling too full.

Must-try with a cup of coffee or cappuccino

VERDICT FOR AFTERWIT – Halal Mexican restaurant

There are definitely better Mexican food options available in town. But if you’re on the lookout for a Halal meal option in Singapore, then this is the place for you. The flavours at AFTERWIT Mexican Taqueria cater mostly to local tastes. The menu offers interesting, yet risky combinations, which might not appeal to a universal palate. We recommend sticking with simpler food versions and the least adventurous combinations. Although the cafe might not be your go-to hunger-satisfying main-meal restaurant, AFTERWIT can definitely top the list as your hangout with friends over some snacks, nachos, pizzas, and some refreshing cocktails followed by churros and coffee.


Click here for menu and website.


778 North Bridge Road
Singapore 198746

Monday to Thursday, Sunday; 12pm to 10pm
Friday and Saturday; 12pm to 11pm

+65 6299 3508


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