Adeel Husain – Gup Shup With FUCHSIA

March 23, 2019
1 minute

Chai and Gup shup with Adeel Husain in the hot seat. FUCHSIA asked and Adeel answered. About childhood escapades, his future plans, riding a bike, college days, what got him into trouble and how he made it through. Adeel has amassed a fan following that leaves him little time to answer each fan message individually. Find out about the one fan he did manage to reply to and meet, and why he won’t do that anymore. Is it Pancakes or Nihari for him? What would an ideal date be like? What charms him most in a girl and why hasn’t he settled down yet? Find out what happens when he has to get to a shoot and the water has run dry at home, or when/if he were called by Nescafe Basement and Coke Studio, which would he choose and why? For this and more Gup Shup, listen in by clicking on the link below:




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