A Love of Benefit Cosmetics: The sassy brand that everyone needs!

By Samina Malik
June 9, 2015

This sassy brand has got everyone raving. With names like Porefessional, They’re Real Mascara and Boing! Concealers, women are sitting up and taking notice. With a reputation for being an innovator in the cosmetics field with its quirky, fun and problem-solving products, FUCHSIA sat up and took notice. We simply had to investigate the hype behind Benefit Cosmetics, and its response to the demanding lifestyle of the modern woman.

Benefit Cosmetics was founded by twin sisters, Jeanie and Jean, in 1976. The brand stayed far ahead of competition with innovation in the form of dr. feelgood, ooh la lift and lemon aid (and all in the 1990s!) These are quick fixes, designed to solve the problems we women face.

Dr. feelgood

Invented to minimize the appearance of pores, giving a smooth and natural complexion, long before other brands came up with primers.

Ooh la lift

A bright colored liquid you can apply with a wand under your eyes, and up to your cheekbones, to give you a wide-awake and fresh look to be worn with or without makeup.


Designed to be worn on the eyelids and around the eyes, to brighten and correct any darkness, resulting in brighter eyes and a more youthful appearance!

Again, this was before most of the eye primers we see these days were even in the market. Today, Benefit Cosmetics have a myriad of fun, quirky quick fixes that really work!!

Want to see which products we discovered were our favourites? Let me show you the best picks that will help you save time and money. Here we go! 


Why Do We Like It?

Because it is a primer that:

  •  Acts as a magnet for your makeup, making it last  longer.
  • Makes your skin appear smoother even when worn on its own.
  • Matt-ifies your look.

How Can You Use It?

Smooth the balm-like primer all over your face, and then rub in like you would a moisturizer; spread out evenly across your face until it is well blended. SMOOTH OPERATOR!


Why Do We Like It?

Because it’s light and light-to-medium coverage gives a wonderful dewy finish. It truly does what it says – it brightens! This oil-free loveliness will leave your skin with a healthy luminous glow. Plus, they have great color choices. I am a mix of Amber and Toasted Beige.


How Can You Use It?

Dab a brush into the foundation, and apply from the center of the face outwards.

I recommend using an airbrush foundation brush, which looks like a small firm blush brush; or invest in a beauty blender. The old foundation brushes can leave streaks, so try the new versions out in the market. Best head to Sephora for brushes, or Inglot stores for more affordable versions of the Beauty Blender sponge. BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND!



Why Do We Like It?

Because it is amazing. Stay Don’t Stray has been designed to keep your eye shadow on all day; but as I discovered, it has other benefits! I have been showing women how to use this as an effective concealer that looks natural, doesn’t crease and feels like there is nothing on your skin!


How Can You Use It?

Apply on your eyelids, the inner and outer corners of your eyes, and under your eyes, covering your dark circles – pat to blend. This product is great for those who don’t have serious dark circles, but are looking to freshen up their eyes with a natural, no makeup look. FRESH!



This new range of mascara and liners is set to win all the awards upon its launch in Singapore on 25 June 2015.


Why Do We Like It?

Because it ticks off your entire eyeliner-and-mascara wish list:

  • Eye-liner that would stay put, and not melt off
  • Easy application of gel eye-liner
  • The blackest black eyeliner
  • An instant POW on the eyes
  • Mascara in funky colours


How Can You Use It?

The mascara can be used as regular mascara.The eye liner’s ergonomically designed tip makes it easy to use. Twist the bottom to release the gel, and then use the longer tip to start from the inner corner of your eyes. Voila! HELLO, GORGEOUS!


Why Do We Like It?

Because it cuts out the need to carry oil-blotting paper! This little wonder stick will eliminate the oil and martt-ify without disturbing your makeup (or your friends with the unsightly oily paper.)




How Can You Use It?

Blot this stick over any shiny spots. Yup, it’s that simple! OIL FREE, BABY!

So, there you have it!

FUCHSIA gives its sign of approval to all the hype and talk surrounding Benefit Cosmetics, and we think you now see why as well. Don’t just take our word for it, though! Discover their awesome products for yourself, and join the raving bandwagon!


‘Til next time!


About Samina Malik

Samina Malik, aka SAM.M, provides unique make-up consultancy services tailored to each individual she works with. Sam has over 20 years of experience in the industry, having worked with big industry giants such as Sephora, Marc Jacobs, Benefit Cosmetics and Inglot, to name a few. Her consultancy clients hail from all around the world. Cosmopolitan Magazine featured her opinions on the make-up mistakes women in Singapore make, and what to do about them. Now a sought out household name amongst the expatriate community in Singapore, SAM.M turns women into their own make-up artists by giving them all they need to know.