8 Reasons to Watch Bin Roye as a Drama Series

By Rabia Mughni
December 22, 2016

When I heard that Bin Roye, the drama, is starting on HUM TV, I didn’t find myself all that interested. (Thanks to the movie, which I explain in a while …) Then, one day, for no reason, I ended up watching the first few episodes, and that’s it … since then I’ve been hooked, and can’t wait for every Sunday to watch it.

Let me tell you why I think every Pakistani drama lover must watch Bin Roye, the drama.

1. Watch it because Mahira Khan, Mahira Khan and Mahira Khan!

Do I really need to say anything else, or give you another reason? She is beautiful, charming, endearing … simply put, irresistible on the screen. Bin Roye, the drama, will start with Mahira’s character winning your heart with her smile and happy-go-lucky ways in the beginning, before making you cry and feel her pain, and getting you hooked to the drama to wait and see what will happen next … will she get what she wants? She will take you on her emotional journey, making you a part of her ongoing internal battle. Besides all this, it is pure pleasure seeing Mahira Khan back on TV after a long time, so don’t miss it … first reason to watch Bin Roye, the drama.

2. Watch it to redeem yourself from Bin Roye, the movie.

If you are one of the many victims of the movie, then you really need to see the drama. This is the medicinal healing you need, to recover from that assault on you as a Pakistani drama/film fan. While the movie mutilated the story by changing it and losing its very essence, being badly directed and making us all wonder if it really is by the talented Momina Duraid, the drama sticks to the original story from the novel. Disclaimer: So far, so good … we cannot guarantee this in the future. We all know something seems to happen to Pakistani directors as they approach the end of a drama series. It is almost as if they get possessed by some outer force, telling them to ensure they ruin a perfectly brilliant and strong start.

3. Watch because it has no trace of STAR PLUS dramas.

If you are one to appreciate real-life stories, and are tired of the new trend of families, sisters, wives etc. conspiring and playing political mind games, then Bin Roye, the drama, is what you need. No conspiracies, no plotting, no deception to earn the heroine or hero, no saas playing the evil villain. It is a simple story of love and relationships, a story that many of us will relate to from some point or another in our own lives; a story that we could see unfold around us, but might not have recognised as drama-material. It is a story of how people deal with jealousy, loss and disappointment in real life. We don’t go around plotting evil plans against people we claim to love and hate at the same time. We live through these events of sadness, immense loss and betrayals by crying and screaming but eventually accepting. So watch Ben Roye, the drama, because it doesn’t undermine your intelligence as an audience by being exaggeratedly unrealistic.

4. Watch it because it is a story written by Farhat Ishtiaq.

Who doesn’t know Farhat Ishtiaq, the writer who gave us super-duper hits like Humsafar, Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu, and Diyar-e-Dil, to name a few? The strong story line, the seamless weaving together of the different elements in her portrayal of human relationships – a must-read and a must-watch.

5. Watch it for Pakistani drama serial romance.

Ah, the romance that will blossom later between Irtiza (Humayun Saeed) and Saba (Mahira Khan). You will wait every week to see how Saba continues to resist Irtiza. Be ready for some yummy romance, and those killer looks by Humayun Saeed.

6. Watch it to see Humayun Seed in black Shalwar Kameez.

(Disclaimer: coming soon) Ok, this is quite a superficial reason, but I do mean it. If you have been suffering from a lack of Humayun Saeed’s brilliant performance, his killer looks and his charming, romantic dialogues, then while they may not be as good as in Dillagi, but you will still get the weekly fix that Dillagi  got you used to. And from the looks of it … as the story moves forward, it gets even better.

7. Watch it for the beautiful sets and clothes.

In Diyar-e-Dil, we were mesmerised by the beautiful Northern landscapes of Pakistan. In Bin Roye, the drama, you cannot help but notice the grandness of the sets; from Saba’s bedroom to the wedding scenes, everything is beautifully decorated and shot. It is a pleasant treat for your sore eyes from the many dramas featuring just-ok sets and mediocre dressing despite supporting the strong story line.

8. Watch it to see the RETURN of Momina Duraid’s brilliance.

For reasons beyond our understanding, Momina Duraid didn’tget it right in Bin Roye, the movie. In the drama, you can see she is back and you can tell thats it’s the Momina Duraid we are used to – good use of actors, great editing, quality sets and nice locations – all in all, a quality production.

Reason enough? Watch it, and tell us how wrong or how right we are.


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