8 Guilty Pleasures We’re Not So Guilty About

By Areeba Zehra
October 8, 2017

Guilty pleasures are our favorite kind of pleasures. We all have some, if you don’t, you’re probably lying. The best part about them is that they’re usually our best kept secrets. FUCHSIA decided to find out which of these guilty pleasures top the list! If you find yourself indulging in one or more of these, don’t fret, because you’re not alone-only guilty, as charged! Our top 8 guilty pleasures begin with:

1. Creating weird food combinations that sound horrific yet taste amazing

This was one of the most outlandish pleasures that we unearthed. Eggs with ketchup, popcorn with ketchup, rice with ketchup, everything with ketchup; the people who relish this combo actually exist and they love it. It sounds weird, we know, but they have probably developed a different gene for such taste buds that can not only tolerate, but also savour this combination and there are a lot of people out there who indulge in this ‘ketchup combo’ btw!

2. Stalking yourself more than anyone else

If you own a social media account, you might be guilty of this one. Tell us you haven’t checked your Snapchat Story everyday ritualistically before sleeping. (Sometimes you don’t even watch others’ stories because you’re so proud of yours). Or tell us you haven’t scrolled through your timeline just to enjoy the content you’ve reposted. You go back to check the aesthetics of your Instagram account at least three times before opting what to post next and we know it.

3. Snacking after the children are in bed

Moms, we’re in on you too! When the kids are asleep, some sneaky moms snack on junk food stacked in a special cupboard and they don’t feel like sharing. The snacks beckon you, we know. (Tbh they beckon us too, we are all in this together). Chocolate sticks, salty crackers, ice creams that make you scream, ABC jelly-a throwback to nursery days…that’s enough. We might just go gung-ho on the snacks cupboard if we list any more.

4. Devouring ice cream sundae with fries

So this was something new. We’ve heard of cheese with fries, ketchup with fries, mayo with fries, we even heard of Nutella with fries but never this. We’re still not sure what’s so irresistible about this honestly, but we thought we’ll let you in on it…in case you’re one of those who secretly delights in this combination too!

5. Saying that you hate ‘chick flicks’ but you secretly fangirl over Twilight

You might even be watching The Notebook or Titanic when no one is around because you love it so much but when it comes to public gatherings you would never admit it. You would rather scrunch up your face in fake disgust rather than reveal that you’re the same person who squeals (or weeps) under the covers while watching the film alone. And it’s not just girls, guys are in on it too.

6. Becoming the home-grown diva-the reason why we stay back home alone

The real party starts when you’re home alone. The mirrors take on a camera-like appearance (in your mind), as you own the stage like a lone star. You change clothes, (basically undergo a transformation-from a complete slob to a fashionista with your hair and makeup done to the brim) and strike a pose in front of the camera (i.e. the mirror), like there is no tomorrow. You might even throw a dialogue or two as you pretend to be on a talk show. But as soon as another soul steps into the house you bolt up and run towards the bathroom to make sure you aren’t caught doing whatever this really is-as if it were a crime to be your own diva!

7. Smelling petrol and diesel because there is something so satisfying about it that we just can’t help ourselves!

Every time we pass through a petrol pump we inhale deeply because this smell is literally what wakes us up…what is coffee? Honestly, it can’t be put into words. You have to smell it to feel it.

8. Popping that bubble wrap

This one is for every cash-on-delivery ever. Bubble wrap is so satisfying to touch, to pop, to just have. We know everyone loves it. We toss away the shopping bags without a second thought, but never the bubble wrap. I don’t think the Fidget Spinner can do what a bubble wrap can. There is no comparison, hands down.

The list can grow as long as the number of people in this world. There are weirder ones out there but we decided to leave it at that. Ciao!


About Areeba Zehra

Areeba is passionate about writing and often pens her thoughts on her personal blog Icanknot. But her writing isn't all there is to her. In her own words, she plans to travel the world, get a degree from a design school in the Netherlands, visit CERN and get a pet a lion, or get to pet a lion!