6 Youth-Friendly Shows On NETFLIX You Don’t Want To Miss!

By Saher Rida Hashmi
November 5, 2017

Ever watched TV shows with children by your side and had to cover their eyes swiftly? These days, with the media introducing adult material to the youth at an early age, the lines have been completely blurred as to what’s appropriate and what’s not. Whether it’s indecent exposure through dialogue or actions onscreen, or topics deemed immoral, it is our duty as adults to ensure we control what the youth is exposed to.

The biggest craze of the year has been NETFLIX. This site and app has been the greatest medium of entertainment for the masses – it allows viewers to watch shows that are some of the top hits of the year for reasonable prices. It also offers new content that doesn’t make it to networks. FUCHSIA recommends 6 shows* that you can watch with your teens as well as pre-teens. These shows teach us life skills such as honesty and humility, as well as the importance of family and working together as one.

All shows have kissing – the one thing we are almost never able to escape from on television. All age ratings are subject to viewers’ discretion

1. Greenhouse Academy (Age 10+)

Lighthearted children’s drama (AKA Tween drama)

This new show is a get-down-with-the-family-over-popcorn kind of show! The show centres around the lives of 2 siblings, Hayley and Alex, who lost their astronaut mother to an accident. They both enroll into a school for the gifted, which their mother had attended, and get placed into rival houses. As the season progresses, the students at the school uncover various mysteries that bring them together, possibly to save the world. This show highlights siblings and their love for each other.

2. Supergirl (Age 11+)

Comedy-drama and thriller

If your children are avid Marvel and DC readers and watchers, we’ve got just the show for you! This thriller with a tinge of banter was created as a spin-off to Superman, uncovering the life of Kara – cousin to our famous Superman, Kal-El. The show follows her life as she adopts the role of Supergirl, learning to embrace her powers, in both saving the world, as well as fighting demons from the past – creatures that were prosecuted by her mother who was a judge on her home planet. A must-see especially for young girls!

3. Arrow (Age 13+)

Thriller drama

This show follows billionaire and suave-turned-vigilante, Oliver Queen. After being stranded on an island for 5 years due to a shipwreck, Oliver returns to his former life as a completely transformed person with a new skillset. Through flashbacks, we learn of his life on the island and how he survived through it, as he proceeds to take the law into his own hands in the present, taking criminals down of his own accord. This costumed series teaches our youth about society and how incidents mould and define us as people. A definite watch for young boys!

4. Daughters of Destiny (Age 9-12+ based on viewer discretion)

Reality documentary show

Here’s a different show from the ordinary! Daughters of Destiny is a reality documentary based on a school called Shanti Bhavan in Tamil Nadu. The school was created with the aim to eradicate poverty through educating the next generation. The show focuses on the girls from the ‘Untouchable Caste’ known as Dalits, who are left there at the age of 4. These girls start learning and growing into young women who aspire to follow a career in the future. This show helps our youth to learn about some harsh truths in today’s world and how to appreciate the privileges we have.

5. Scorpion (Age 12+)

Comedy and action drama

Directed by the very mastermind behind Fast & Furious, we have a thriller detective series about geniuses! A group of highly intelligent individuals come together to solve complex technological threats in order to save the world, one part at a time. We follow the team, lead by Walter O’Brien, as they aid both the Department of Homeland Security as well as private organizations, with a touch of quick-witted humour.
There’s lots to learn about problem solving and teamwork from this show, a definite watch for the entire family!

6. Heartland (Age 10+)

Family Drama

After losing her mother to an accident, 15 year old Amy Fleming continues her mother’s work in helping horses that have been through abuse or are hurting in some way. Known as the horse whisperer, she believes that when you truly listen, the animal speaks to you, and this sensitivity and intuition is what guides her character through the show as she deals with family relationships, caring for mother nature and animals, and dealing with all external forces trying to tear her and her ranch down. Heartland is a show that truly knows how to pull at our heartstrings and we definitely recommend this show for the whole family to sit down after dinner with some popcorn to binge-watch!

So there you have it folks! 6 shows that not only your children will enjoy, but you will too! Watch the shows and let us know what you think!

*The shows have been numbered in no particular order of preference. If you’re on the look out for more Netflix Shows, you might like to read up on 5 Feel-Good Netflix Shows To Watch While The World Burns.


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