5 Ways To Wear That classic White Top This Summer

By Mahvish Ahmed
July 4, 2018

The warm summer calls for ice cream, lemonade, the UPS (if you’re in Pakistan) and a classic white top to keep cool. Trends may come and go but a white top is an unflinching fashion essential for every woman when the temperature starts soaring. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s fresh, clean and versatile. Kuch bhi ho jaye, ye dost hamesha saath nibhata hai.

So, when the season began, I picked a slightly loose, breathable white top with dolman sleeves from Primark at a grand price of 5 Euros (You know, snug tees are not my thing with the omnipresent post-baby paunch). The top hides my flab and allows me to play around with a variety of bottoms in different colours. Culottes, skirts, ripped jeans and pink hues, there’s so much you can pair with one. Hai na mazay ki baat? Here are 5 of my favourite looks that I have culled with my summery white staple. Get ready for a dose of summer style inspo!

1. Easy With Denim

The quickest and easiest way to style a white top when you don’t have much time to think, is to is pair it with jeans. But that doesn’t mean you have to look boring or not still be able to make a fashion statement. Pick a pair of ripped skinnies with a patch of embroidery and accessorize with a red bag for a pop of colour. Go for casual white kicks, paint those lips red and voila! That’s casual chic for you. And my voila is a little louder because I got this pair of jeans as well as the bag on 70% off (9.99 Euros for each!)

What you can add: Lots of silver bangles on one arm for a fusion look.

Jeans: Zara

Bag: Mango

2. Stripe it Out

Taking a break from the usual denims and khaakis is refreshing. Hence, I picked up these monochrome striped pants with mustard hints to give my white top a nai zindagi. I tied up my look by wearing a gold-sling crossbody bag (which has been hanging out in my wardrobe since the past 3 years) and black suede loafers (that joined my wardrobe a few weeks ago). Alternatively, you can go for summery black sandals too if your life involves less walking than mine. Kala chashma added for extra style points. JK 😉 The sun is actually pretty harsh and I need protection.

What you can add: Extra large gold hoop earrings for a fashion-forward look

Pants: Zebra


3. My Checked Mate

Well yes. These high-waisted checked culottes deserve the title of being my mate for the summer since I rarely step out of them these days. Paired with my white top, they give real summer feels. They are airy, casual and oh-so-trendy! If the sun begs me to kick away my kicks, I take the liberty of wearing summer sandals (at the cost of getting a zebra-print-kinda-tan on my feet). A chocolate-brown lip colour and a cream & tan crossbody bag thrown into the mix, and I am good to go.

What you can add: A summery silk scarf wrapped around a bun for a perfect vacay look

Pants: ZARA

Shoes and bag: Michael Kors

4. Girls Love Pink

And even if you’re not one of those girls (who love pink), go for pink bottoms because they still make the trend. By wearing them on the lower half of your body, you can avoid looking like the girly Betty, yet scream summer fashion. When I saw this particular pair of pants, I fell in love with the dusty shade as well as the fit. And that bow is just too cute! Good combo with my white top, haina? I chose to go for off-white suede pumps, a chunky pink & gold ring (which unfortunately doesn’t show here), and light pink lip colour to complete my look.

What you can add: A matching pink clutch for a girls-love-luncheons look


5. Giddy with my Midi

If you’re looking for a crisp look for summer evenings, here’s an idea – pair your white top with a beige midi skirt FTW. Girly, fresh and a great way to combat the heat. And plus, letting your pants stay home once in a while and experimenting with a different piece (yaani ke ye skirt) of clothing can be a fun experience. I completed my look by adding a black evening bag, strappy sandals, a gold neck piece and bright pink lips.

What you can add: Chunky gold arm candy for some extra evening bling

Skirt: H&M

Bag: Ted Baker

Sandal: Jessica Simpson

Hope you liked the ideas. Which one of these looks are you going to try?


About Mahvish Ahmed

Mahvish lives by the motto: “Don’t judge, do your own thing. You owe no explanation.” She holds a Masters Degree in Economics from The University of Warwick, UK. But if you think this mom of one sprightly daughter is content teaching at IBA (The Institute of Business Administration, in Karachi, Pakistan), alone, you are mistaken. Mahvish is self- employed at her husband’s photography business, Locura. She has also discovered a penchant for writing. With a number of travel blogs under her belt, she has penned her first Fashion Blog for FUCHSIA. “I am crazy about travelling, photography and Bollywood. I save up my salary all year round to blow it up on one sensational travel experience once a year!” Confesses Mahvish. She aspires to obtain a Phd. one day and get more involved in research. She would love to add 30 minutes of yoga to her routine. She is happy being herself! You can read more from Mahvish on http://mereysafarnamay.blogspot.ch/?m=1

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