5 Things To Do At LuckyOne Mall

By Rabia Mughni
December 28, 2018

LuckyOne Mall Has Something To Do For Everyone!

Winters are here and Karachi is enjoying its fair share of cold. You cannot help but join in the festivities that you witness around the city. Located in the heart of bustling Gulshan, LuckyOne has been the talk of the town ever since it opened its doors to Karachi. Its grand appearance, generous open spaces and a vast selection of shopping labels have us spoilt for choice. However this winter, LuckyOne is doing so much more. We give you 5 reasons to visit the mall and make your shopping experience a memorable one!

1. Snow Play Area

Located on the 2nd floor just opposite Habitt, this snow play area caters to children aged 1 to 5 years old. Entry is free and kids can enjoy uninterrupted playtime of up to 10 -15 minutes at a stretch. They are treated to the fun candy hunt – candies are scattered randomly in the snow area and the children must find them. To add to the fun factor here, the area also has two snowmen. This is most probably the ONLY mall in Karachi, offering any kind of snow play.

2. A Food Street for an Evening Out with Family and Friends

No shopping is complete without food. LuckyOne is the only mall in the city that offers an open-air food street. You can enjoy freshly Bar B Qued chicken tikka, burgers from Howdy or simple chia and sandwiches from Chai khana. The cool Karachi breeze and open-sky view make this a perfect place for casual family dinners.  This is a place to visit even if shopping is  NOT on the agenda.

3. Musical Parade, Festivities, and Fun

Every weekend, shoppers are treated to performances by various artists, marching bands or costume parades. Performers dress up as fairies and multiple other fascinating characters. The performances take place in the atrium. The music, costumes, and the general festive vibe come together delightfully and add color to your shopping experience!

4. Grand Prizes to Reward Shoppers

Numerous prizes are to be won every day in a lucky draw. Shoppers who spend Rs.10,000 or more at LuckyOne are eligible to participate in the lucky draw. Potential prizes include 70cc Yamaha bike, Umra package for two for 10 days, laptops, android phones etc. The participants get a chance to select one box from 20 boxes. Each of these boxes contains multiple surprise giveaways. So go ahead and try your luck!

5. Spacious Areas for Clutter-Free Shopping

Last but not least, the vast, clutter-free spaces make LuckyOne a mall that can top your shopping list. December in Karachi is super-crazy, shopping malls are over-populated, and after battling heavy traffic for hours on the road, you don’t want to end up at a mall where you have to push and elbow people to make your way. LuckyOne promises hassle-free shopping where you can really chill out, relax, and enjoy your shopping experience!


About Rabia Mughni

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