5 Reasons To Go Watch Janaan…Do You Have a 6th?

By Naghma Yasmin
September 23, 2016

Janaan, due to its stellar cast and crew, has undoubtedly been awaited with rising anticipation. If you haven’t watched it yet, here are FUCHSIA’s 5 Reasons To Watch Janaan.

And if you have another one, feel free to add it as the 6th. Or tell us why we are spot on… or totally not!

Janaan Reason #1: Eye Candy – Need We Say More?

Hum TV fans will readily recognize the scriptwriter – the young and talented Usman Khalid Butt – who played the beloved Wali in Diyar-e-Dil. Moreover, one of the film’s producers is none-other than the famous Reham Khan, who has been trying desperately to develop a name for herself in the industry, since her claim to fame so far, rests as ex-Mrs. Imran Khan! All of this fades into oblivion, of course, when the biggest selling point of Janaan steps forward; the male lead, Bilal Ashraf, our very own taller-and-better-looking version of Bollywood’s Siddarth Malhotra. This new-kid-on-the-block with perfect dimples and perfect smile gives good ol’ Fawad Khan a run for his money. Now, if only he could enrol in an intensive crash-course to improve his acting. After watching the movie, I think it’s fair to say that his acting prowess does not quite match up to his drop-dead-gorgeous looks, but seeing as it’s his first time on the big screen, a valiant effort nonetheless.

Janaan Reason #2: Eye Candy Isn’t All You Get, There Is Some Acting Thrown In Too!

Speaking of acting, Ali Rehman Khan stands out high above the much-hyped Bilal. Although his role leans more towards the provision of comic relief, Ali manages to impress in a couple of emotional scenes, delivering a superb performance – and if that’s not enough, his looks match his acting expertise.

Janaan Reason #3: Female Lead = Beauty + Performance

The female lead, Armeena Khan (some might remember her from Bin Roye), no doubt a ravishing beauty, acts with confidence and does full justice to her role. One does wonder, though, why the make-up artist didn’t trust more in her natural beauty, deciding to go overboard with heavy-duty artificial eyelashes, even in scenes where she was seen just chilling at home!

Janaan Reason #4: Brilliant Cinematography in Swat Valley

Okay, so on top of the good looks of the cast, another eye-catching asset of Janaan was the breath-taking location – our very own, very scenic Swat Valley. Kudos to the camera men who did very well in capturing the beauty and serenity of Northern Pakistan.

Janaan Reason #5: Title Song

You will enjoy the title song tremendously (though not much can be said about the rest of the songs in the album!). 

For those who need a little background, let’s talk about the storyline a little bit. The movie revolves around Armeena (Meena) living in Canada. Much to her gora friends’ fears (thanks to the negative propaganda about Pakistan) she decides to visit her hometown to attend her cousin’s wedding. During her stay there, Armeena not only falls in love with her handsome cousin who has a passion to serve the community through teaching children, she also experiences the warmth and the togetherness of family-life, which she misses out on majorly living overseas. The family unit, consisting of three close-knit brothers and their wives, their children and a grandmother, is depicted beautifully with its many ups and downs (though I do wish the relations between them had been explained more clearly! Until halfway through the film, my friend and I were struggling to make sense of who exactly was whom in the family tree). Thanks to the family’s grandmother who could only speak in her native Pushto language, we not only hilarious outbursts, but also managed to get a crash course in Pushto included in the price of the movie ticket!

As is the case with any good movie, there are a few faux pas when the audience says to itself, “Now WHY did they have to go and do that?!” Janaan is no exception. The low points of Janaan really cannot be ignored, so let’s get through these as well, because we don’t want you to say FUCHSIA didn’t warn you.

Fashion Police Bling Alert!

Picking up from where we left off with Armeena’s heavy duty make-up, allow us to point out that the female actors were dressed in elegant and grand attire throughout the movie; so much so that when the wedding scenes came on screen, it was difficult to recognize or appreciate any wardrobe upgrade. It is easy to see a particular character who clearly superseded all the others in terms of glamorous wardrobe ‘malfunction’ – who else but Mishi Khan, the male lead’s mother who was not only heavily (over)loaded with facial botox, but also donned overtly loud and glitter-filled outfits. The final, and most painful, blow had to be her horrendous maatha patti in the wedding scene.

Soundtrack – What Sound Track?

Other than the title song, the rest of the scores failed to leave any impression at all whatsoever; especially considering that the movie was centred around a wedding. We were hoping for at least one rocking shaadi/ bhangra-type number with some seriously feet-tapping dance moves, but all that was managed was an unexciting medley and disco-style dance which, unfortunately, failed to impress.

It is delightful to see Pakistan’s film industry taking (baby) steps toward developing quality cinema. Surely, it is our obligation to support these efforts by giving them patronage in the cinema houses. Way to go – awaiting the next one with bated breath!
Daer aaey, magar durust aaey.


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