5 Reasons The Stila Eyeliner Is Perfect For You – If You’re Not A Makeup Expert

By Rabia Mughni
October 29, 2017

The one item that can make or break your made-up look is eyeliner. Some people believe that eyeliner on its own, with the play of colour and the right shape, can be the only thing you need on your face! For us novice makeup users (who are horizontally challenged when it comes to straight lines), all we need is an eyeliner that makes the job easy for us. And by easy, we mean no effort whatsoever! I believe I’ve hit gold in my search for the hassle-free eyeliner! Yes, I’ve found it, and the magic item is none other than the Stila eyeliner! Here’s my take on why this particular eyeliner is the perfect pick for us amateurs.

1. Easy to apply – Go as fine as you desire!

With Stila Stay All day Waterproof Eyeliner, you can draw the finest possible line to solely emphasise the edge of your eyelid, or, you can go bold and dramatic with thickness. The tip glides on smoothly, enabling you to control the thickness and shape with no effort at all. Believe me when I say – this was made for beginners like me!

2. Smudge-proof – No more black eyes!

I’ve often found that when trying to transform a simple thin line into a dramatic thick one, my eyeliner smudges. And of course the panic that follows after, would just ruin the makeup completely! However, the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner does not smudge. So when you’re rushing from a business meeting with a thin liner, to a girls’ night out with dramatic eyes, this eyeliner gives you what you need, hassle-free!

3. Weightless – As light on your eyes as a feather!

If you’re like me, whose eyes get tired from the weight of the makeup on your eyes (yes, it can get heavy!), this eyeliner is made for you! This creation is so light that you can barely feel you’ve applied anything on your eyelids. If you’re out and about, and want that pop in your eyes, the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner gives you just what you need, without weighing them down!

4. Easy Application – Be an adventurer with your eyes!

The tip of this eyeliner is possibly its best highlight. Experimenting with the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner is fun – you can create different looks and designs due to the perfect shape of its brush. For example, if you’re using a blue eyeshadow and want to go with a half-winged black eyeliner, draw the shape with the eyeliner and then use its fine tip to fill in the space. Then, sharpen the edges as well! This paintbrush-like liner makes you truly feel like a makeup artist.

5. It’s waterproof AND easy to remove. WHAT?!

Eye makeup is my first love, but removing it always puts me through such agony, especially since it doesn’t come off with ease. And if our eyebags weren’t enough, we’re always left with a tint of makeup under our eyes, making it seem like we haven’t slept in days. But, not with the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner! This eyeliner is the easiest to remove with no more than 3 wipes of the eye – leaving no trace or residue! Use your preferred makeup remover, wash your face and tone, and voila! Ready for bed, just like that!

Stila Stay All day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, is available in 14 colours including the basic black, blue, grey, brown and green. You can buy it online or from Sephora. Store horizontally for best results.


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