By Amna Haq And Maria Arif
August 3, 2017

Heart-achingly melodious voice…soul touching music and a lover’s shairi; no one has ever sundg it better than the Lord of music, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. The name itself is enough to evoke a wave of raging emotions and feelings within you, and if all the songs on your playlist read his name, you are doing right by music. Here’s why:


1 . Because He Reawakens Our Love For Sufi Music



If you’re already a Sufi enthusiast then his ghazals are no doubt your anthem. Yet if you’re new to this eloquent genre of music, lend an ear to “Mein Nazar Se Pee raha hun” and you are destined to fall in love with Raahat. Tune into “Rang”, performed together with the late Amjad Sabri and feel your heartbeat thumping in joy and ecstasy.



2 . Because RAK Is Our Fix For Some Tasteful Bollywood Music


Let’s face it; Bollywood can be a little too cheesy with its numbers. There are some songs that feel like fillers, are too vulgar, or for someone who keeps a close eye on “objectifying” item songs like “Chikni chameli” and “Baby Doll”, are absolutely cringe-worthy. But then there are the absolutely mesmerizing, rhythmically beautiful tales sung by Rahat like “O Re Piya” and “Terey Mast Mast Do Nain” that truly sway our hearts and restore our faith in Bollywood music.


3. Because Rahat’s Voice Is Sweet As Honey

His voice is amazingly melodious. Hitting those powerful notes with such a soulful tremor is an art only Rahat can do justice to. “Merey Rashkey Qamar” is one song that encapsulates all the nuances of Raahat’s voice. And an oldie but goldie “Jiya Dhadak Dhadak Jaye” feels like a never-ending hymn celebrating the beauty of love.



4 . Because there’s literally a Raahat song for every mood you’re feeling

 As if his heartbreakingly beautiful music and voice wasn’t enough, the lyrics of his songs simply touch the soul and hit all the right chords in our hearts. Even if you aren’t one, “Tum Jo Aye Zindagi Main” will definitely turn you into a romantic. The ever-green “Afreen Afreen” is such a happy song, perfect for those who live life to the fullest. While “Jag soona soona lage” will take you to such a far and distant surreal world that’ll make coming back really hard.


5 . Because Well, Your Crush


Because when you see your crush walking towards you, your heart goes “Afreen Afreen”. And when words aren’t enough to confess your raging love, you want to scream “Mein Tenu Samjhawan Ki”. Yet when reality hits you soon enough, your last resort is “Dillagi bhool janey preygi”. In any case, let your feelings out the closet with a Raahat-infused romantic song because why not.

If you are still wondering what all these beautifully romantic songs are doing on your playlist, stop right there. They have all the right to be there and your soul deserves to be fed with heartfelt music like never before.

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About Amna Haq And Maria Arif

Amna, aiming to earn a Masters in Social Policy finds inspiration in the writings of Arundhati Roy. A feminist at heart, she wishes to cover stories -up-close and personal- of brave, resilient women in South Asia who fight against the odds in every little and mighty way they can. She aims to grow as a writer and explore her budding love for journalism. Maria, currently an undergrad has been involved with Dar-ul- Sukoon as well as her own Non-profit start up: Unfolding Lives. Although writing is her dream, and she wants her words to weave an emotional spell over her readers, Maria not only plans to publish a book, but also become a fitness trainer and acquire culinary skills!