By Amna Haq And Maria Arif
July 14, 2017

Disclaimer: You may want to stop reading this if you’re a fan of this seemingly ‘new’ fashion fad. No offense to anyone but we think gharara pants simply don’t make the cut.

Here are 5 legit reasons why they may not make you look chic and bold.

1 . You’re likely to trip, and it will be a frilly sight! 

While you may be super excited to pair those matching gorgeous stilettos with your favorite pair of gharara pants, we hate to break it to you but you are in for a surprise. Unless you are an absolute pro at walking in those 4-inch heels, you are good to go. If not, the frills of your pants are likely to get stuck in your heels and cause you public embarrassment. Even if you decide to ditch the heels and go for flats, the chances of tripping are still very high.

2 . You will sweep the floor, literally, so might as well add some tassels to the hemline to complete the job!

Those gharara pants feel like customized pom-poms for the legs. Your pants may unwillingly sweep off the dust on the floor as you make your way through the crowd. This may sound a little harsh, but girl you need to ask yourself in the mirror, you a party sweeper or a party keeper?!

3 . Once you arrive at the scene, all set to make your entry in those flappy flappers, you may feel a tad ‘overdressed’, but it’s too late because you’ve already signed up for it!

You may be donning gharara pants for a casual low-key hangout but there’s just something so baggy about them, they may make you feel a little over-dressed. And remember, once you’re there, it’s too late to turn back.


4 . Gharara vs Sharara

We’re still trying to figure out if it really is based on a gharara? Although they’re clearly called gharara ‘pants’, some designs have gone overboard resembling a puffed up sharara. The next time you wish to buy them, make sure it’s something that looks like this…


5 . AND LASTLY, you are likely to bob a curtsy to people you don’t know

Picture yourself, attempting to tip-toe your way through a flooded street or a wet floor in your flowing, sweep-the-floor attire…and you get?  Yes, you may even find yourself bending down to lift your flapping, drooping ‘pants’ off the floor. So you’re likely to perform an unintentional curtsy to any one crossing your path and may even have to continue to walk in that awkward position.

The gharara pants might still appeal to the young at heart amongst you-those who are not afraid to defy the norms, or jump onto the latest trend sweeping the fashion scene, (literally)! We stand by our words though-wear them at your own risk! That’s it from us then till we return with the next best ‘mess’ that emerges on the ramp. Designers, where are you taking us now?




About Amna Haq And Maria Arif

Amna, aiming to earn a Masters in Social Policy finds inspiration in the writings of Arundhati Roy. A feminist at heart, she wishes to cover stories -up-close and personal- of brave, resilient women in South Asia who fight against the odds in every little and mighty way they can. She aims to grow as a writer and explore her budding love for journalism. Maria, currently an undergrad has been involved with Dar-ul- Sukoon as well as her own Non-profit start up: Unfolding Lives. Although writing is her dream, and she wants her words to weave an emotional spell over her readers, Maria not only plans to publish a book, but also become a fitness trainer and acquire culinary skills!