April 16, 2019
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Forbes magazine launched its Forbes 30 under 30 segment in 2011. Forbes 30 under 30 is an annual list of the brightest, brashest entrepreneurs that are making headlines in their chosen fields. This year Forbes 30 under 30 had 2000 entries and 300 entrepreneurs were chosen – wait for it … 5 of them were from Pakistan! The Forbes Asia is chosen from 23 countries and territories within Asia. We couldn’t be more proud of these 5 Pakistanis for making a mark globally.

This year 5 Pakistanis are making us proud by being nominated for 30 under 30:

Forbes 30 under 30, Forbes list, Pakistanis in Forbes list

1. KARISHMA ALI – Entertainment & Sports

Karishma is a 21 year old footballer who has made it to Forbes 30 under 30 Asia this year under the entertainment and sports category. She is from Chitral and is the first girl from her hometown to play football on an international and national level. Last year she founded a club “Chitral Women’s Sports Club”. She is currently administering training to 60 girls in football and other sports.


karishma Ali, Fornes 30 Under 30, Pakistanis in forbes List, Forbes List 2019

Read more about Karishma and Forbes here.

2. AHMED RAUF ESSA – Retail & Commerce

Ahmed Rauf is a 27 year old who is an IOBM alumni. He was listed under the Retail and E Commerce category. While he was studying, he launched Telemart at the age of 23. Telemart is now one of the biggest E-Commerce retailers in Pakistan.


Forbes 30 under 30, Ahmed Rauf Essa, Forbes list 2019, Pakistanis in Forbes list

Read more about Ahmed and Forbes here.

3. ZAIN ASHRAF MUGHAL – Social Entrepreneur

Zain is a social entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of SEED OUT. Seed Out is the first Pakistani crowdfunding podium which is establishing entrepreneurs by providing interest-free financing and is helping alleviate poverty through this venture.


Zain Ashraf, Forbes 30 under 30, Forbes list 2019, Pakistanis in Forbes

Read more about Zain and Forbes here.

4. Laila Kasuri – Healthcare & Science

Laila is a 29 year and was listed under the healthcare and science category. Kasuri is a Water Analyst with Global Green Growth’s Investment Policy Solutions Division. According to Forbes she has led research at the World Bank.


Laila Kasuri, Forbes 30 under 30 , Pakistanis in Forbes List

Read more about Laila & Forbes here.

5. Zainab Bibi – Industry, Manufacturing & Energy

Zainab is currently 29 and was listed under the Industry, Manufacturing & Energy category. She is the founder of Pakistan Society for Green Energy. PSGE develops new methods for renewable energy. The company has since then developed biofuel from waste tissue paper.


Zain Bibi, Forbes 30 under 30, pakistanis in forbes list

Read more about Zainab Bibi and Forbes here.

Beside these five rising stars, a Pakistani startup has also been mentioned in Forbes 30 under 30.

Roshni Rides – Enterprise Technology

Gia Farooqi, Hanaa Lakhani. Moneeb Mian and Hasan Usmani are all under 30 and co-founders of Roshni Rides. Roshni Rides is a women’s carpooling platform for people in Pakistan. These young 4 classmates wanted to provide transportation to refugees and affordable rickshaw rides from, and to, refugee camps, hospitals and markets.

Forbes 30 under 30, Roshni Rides, Pakistanis listed in forbes

Read more about Roshni Rides and Forbes here.

It’s interesting to note that 3 of the 5 Forbes 30 under 30 Pakistanis are women. This should strike a chord in aspiring young girls and boys to continue bringing about positive change in our communities – Every drop makes the ocean, and these young Pakistanis are showing us just that!



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