These 5 Must-Have Lipstick Shades Will Make You Drool.

By Maria Arif
October 22, 2017

Every time I walk past the lipstick section in makeup stores or even a general store for that matter, I cannot help but come to an abrupt halt and stare at that mesmerizing collection of lipsticks. From endless shades and types of lipsticks, you will find it all. Matte, creamy, glossy, satin, frosted-you name it. With such a vast plethora of lipsticks and gorgeous lip colors at your disposal, who wouldn’t want to splurge on makeup?

If you’re a bit like me and experience similar temptations, the next time you go on a makeup shopping spree, you need to grab these 5 lipstick shades at any cost! They will make you drool, if anything at all.

1. Russian Red by MAC

If you’re looking for the hottest and reddest of reds, Russian Red by Mac will bring your search to an absolute end. Not only is this shade a real stunner, it is also heavily pigmented which means you get a deeper and richer red-truly dazzling! It gives a smooth, matte-finished look and does not smudge at all. This shade is more like a universal red which anyone can easily pull off. While it is definitely not the best choice for everyday wear, it will pass off greatly as your go-to red for glamorous evening dinners or casual parties.

2. Bumble by ColourPop

More like a mixture of a vibrant rose and a muted reddish-brown, Bumble will simply make you fall in love with makeup all over again. It is perfect for a night out with friends or even for a casual afternoon lunch. It gives off a more ultra-matte-finished look and makes your lips look plump and full. Bumble doesn’t come off as too loud and it is definitely not one of those in-your-face kind of lipstick shades. It is richly pigmented and smooth to apply, which prevents it from flaking. While it’s extremely long lasting and doesn’t smudge at all, Bumble is a bit hard to remove because of its ultra-matte characteristic. But it’s all fair because Bumble is worth all the effort.

3. Bare It All by Wet N Wild

This simply beautiful lipstick shade will end your search for the best and the most reasonable nude shade out there! It is your must-have and most perfect every day wear nude which gives a semi-matte finish and is more like a blend of matte and creamy. Sporting a cross between neutral-peach and warm, sandy-brown, Bare It All is super pretty and goes with any dress and color that you might wish to pair it with. It has a long-wearing formula, does not flake or go dry and keeps your lips moist and creamy all day long.

4. San Paulo by NYX

Who doesn’t like pink, right? Pink is like an absolute must-have; the one lipstick shade that stays in your purse at all times. In that case, NYX’s San Paulo is perhaps the ‘pink’ you have been looking for. This is a matte lip cream which gives a matte-finish look but also ends up looking very creamy and rich on the lips. San Paulo is a very bright and pretty Fuchsia which is not too bold and perfectly fits the description, ‘Pretty in Pink.’

Pink Alert: This shade does brighten up your whole face because of the reddish-pink undertones but it’s also irresistibly stunning. It glides onto the lips very smoothly and while you might have to apply double layers to spread it evenly across your lips, that shouldn’t stop you from wearing it!

5. Plum Paradise by Maybelline

If you’re not into dark, bold lip colors, you won’t regret buying Maybelline’s Plum Paradise. It is a very deep purple color with reddened-raspberry undertones which makes it not too purple and not too red but a classic, beautiful combination of both colours. It gives a frosty finish to the lips and its ultra high pigmentation makes the lip colour long-lasting and durable. It is also slightly scented which gives off a sweet fragrance when you apply it but fades away after a few seconds. Plum Paradise has just enough berry in it and looks great at night in particular. While it definitely doesn’t go flaky or dry, if you have cracked lips, it might not end up looking as smooth as you’d like. No worries, all you have to do is exfoliate and moisturize your lips before applying it and you’re good to go!

Though all 5 lip colors deserve to be in your bag at all times, Wet N Wild’s Bare It All and ColorPop’s Bumble are two shades you must carry with you everywhere you go! These come in very handy when you have to go for a sudden meeting or perhaps if you need to reapply after a coffee or lunch, or that so important post lunch ‘group selfie’!


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