5 Feel-Good Shows on Netflix to Watch While the World Burns

By Madeeha Ansari
January 21, 2018

Now you might finish reading this and think to yourself, ‘She is so frivolous!’ I am, and I don’t deny it. I watched one season of Mr. Robot and then gave up. Netflix shows are my go-to place on the living room couch when I crave some ‘pick-me-up’ spirit after switching off from depressing world news bulletins. Political thrillers or heavy dramas are not my cup of tea. I love melodrama and comedies. Give me a Shonda Rimes show any day and I’ll be happy! Fantasy or Sci-Fi hit the right spot too. But the minute it gets too complicated or depressing, I tend to tune out. Case in point, the Handmaid’s Tale – all those rave reviews but somehow, it just didn’t appeal to me. So I decided to put together for you, my ‘Top 5 Picks’ for fun, quirky and hilarious shows that will leave you with a smile on your face.

1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Comedy – Be ready for some laugh-out-loud moments when a survivor of a doomsday cult comes to terms with what the world looks like now.

From the mind of Tina Fey, this Netflix show revolves around Kimmy and how she is saved from a doomsday cult and realizes that actually, the world never ended. Plop her down in the middle of New York City with an array of wacky characters and you have a hilarious, yet heartfelt show. If a survivor from a doomsday cult who was kept locked away underground for 15 years, can resurface from the experience without thinking of herself as a victim, then I’m pretty sure we can all manage to survive a bad day or two. The absolute stand out character has to be Titus – Kimmy’s over-the-top roommate, look out for his musical numbers.

Where to watch: Netflix

2. The Mindy Project

Romantic comedy – A skilled doctor is obsessed with finding love and willing to do ‘anything for love’. She will give you those precious, ‘laugh out’ moments when you catch her trying her utmost to be a better person, but not before she lets loose a few biting comments.

I love Romcoms! And Mindy Kaling is a self-proclaimed romantic so when I heard she’s getting her own Netflix show it was a match made in heaven. Mindy plays the vain, hilarious, pop culture-fanatic, and an utter romantic; Dr Mindy Lahiri who, at the end of the day is a successful and skilled doctor. You root for Mindy as she goes through life trying to find her ‘Prince Charming’ and you become part of her journey as she develops her own perspective about the phrase: ‘happily ever after’. I enjoyed the fact that her South Asian descent did not take center stage in her story – Mindy Lahiri is a woman first and foremost, and like all women, regardless of race or age, we might answer to similar emotions while ‘looking for love’.

Where to watch: Hulu (This one was so good that I decided to recommend it although it’s not showing on Netflix)

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Comedy – Revolves around the lives of detectives of the 99th. precinct in New York City and the antics they get up to.

You’ll soon see a pattern in my choices, I love shows with a strong cast rather than one big star. This show revolves around the lives of detectives in Brooklyn’s 99th. precinct. The chief protagonist is the immature yet talented detective, Jake Peralta played by none other than SNL* alum Andy Samberg. Every character is so far removed from typical stereotypes. The obvious chemistry between Jake and Amy will keep you guessing; will they or won’t they? For me, the reason I love this show is because no one is apologetic about who they are and every quirk is embraced and accepted. In a way, this show could easily be a family comedy with different characters who, whatever the case may be, love each other.

Where to watch: Netflix

4. The Good Place

Comedy – A dark comedy about realizing that the after-life may not be what you thought it would be and some unexpected twists can still occur when you’ve passed on.

What a nightmare! You start out by finding out you’re dead, you’ve arrived at the ‘Good’ Place verses the ‘Bad’ Place and suddenly, it dawns on you that you’re the wrong Eleanor. The show revolves around Eleanor Shellstrop and how she needs to try and keep this secret because she knows she doesn’t belong in the Good Place at all. With help from her new friends, she tries to better herself as a person. But how long will the secret remain a secret? What will be the consequences? Trust me, this show is funny, smart, and gets you thinking about: What IS good behavior verses bad behaviour? There’s nothing quite like this series on television. It’s an original, thought-provoking drama.

Where to watch: Netflix

5. Modern Family

Family Comedy – The day-to-day lives of one large family and the micro-moments each experience, will remind you of your own family. You will relate to some typical family quirks here as you experience multiple moments of ‘Oh, that happens with us too!’, and realize that all families, though seemingly different, are essentially similar, in more ways than one!

This is the fallback. The comfortable Netflix show that you know will make you forget the world’s problems. Modern family is the story of one family. The head of the family Ray with his young, sexy, and very loud, Columbian second-wife, Gloria, and her son Manny. Ray’s daughter Claire, with her husband Phil, and their kids; Haley, Alex and Luke. Also Mitchell, Ray’s son, and his partner Cam, and daughter Lily. Every episode presents different family situations and milestones. It will leave you smiling, laughing out loud and identifying with, a few laughable characters and situations within your own family!

Where to watch: Netflix

‘I figure if I’m gonna be a mess, I might as well be a hot mess!’ – Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project

I end with the above quote from one of my favourite show because it sums up the entire show and my personality as well. The world is a hard place, it toughens you up, it depresses you, and sometimes, it even angers you. But it can also be wonderful. However, every day isn’t always so wonderful and these are the shows to watch when you just need a pick-me-up at the end of a hard, long day. So snuggle up under that duvet, have a good laugh and go to bed with a smile!

*Saturday Night Live


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