4 Netflix Shows that Go Beyond the Ordinary

By Madeeha Ansari
January 3, 2019
4 minutes

Watch these 4 Netflix shows if you crave something ‘Different’.

My Netflix Obsession has reached its peak –  i get that I’m not the only one, the WORLD is following! Unfortunately, in my case, it’s becoming an addiction. However, rather than looking for an intervention to help me with my addiction I will try and get more people on board and recommend some new shows to enjoy. Each show can be binge-watched, as all of them are available on Netflix. This watch-list is different from my previous recommendations; more diverse and eclectic. What I love about each show is that they made me laugh, cry, think and widen my perspective of the world. I hope these shows have the same affect on my fellow Netflix watchers and lovers. So let’s cut to the chase and give you something ‘extraordinary’ to watch in 2019!

1. Salt Fat Acid Heat

Food Documentary – Following Samin Nosrat on a discovery on the 4 essential qualities that make food great: Fat,Salt, Acid and Heat.

Why is this a revolutionary cooking show? Because this is a food show revolving around a Persian American woman who travels around the world looking at each element and how it makes food so wonderful. I mean the first episode concentrates on Fat and Samin visits one of my favourite countries: Italy! What I love is that not only is it an instructional cooking show, Samin teaches with her hands, her emotions and her love of food, AND you get to see amazing places. Japan was already on my bucket list but the episode on Salt made me want to visit Japan right away! Definitely a must, must watch for any food lover!

2. One Day at a Time

Comedy/Drama – This show tackles racism, classism and sexuality but all in approachable ways, making this a must-watch for 2019. A Latina nurse dealing with PTSD from serving in the US army living with her mother and 2 kids and dealing with life, well … one day at a time.

We follow the lives of Penelope, a Cuban-American nurse who is dealing with being a single parent, coming to terms that she is a civilian and managing her mother who has moved in to support her. While the onset of the show seems to be saccharine sweet, something I don’t normally enjoy, as you invest more time in the family and the supporting cast, you land up rooting for them and hoping they come out of all the troubles they face. One episode that spoke to me was the way Penelope’s mother Lydia, dealt with her daughter’s depression, believing that anti-depressants weren’t the answer. Powerfully, we see the result of Penelope forgoing her medicine, as she believes she’s in a happy place and no longer needs it, yet it is a disease that needs to be treated.

3. Fight World

Documentary – Frank Grillo, an actor and a fighter. He’s a recognizable face, you think to yourself – WHY would I recommend this show? Because it goes to the heart of fighters and why they do what they do!

I’ve recently started boxing at my gym and watching this documentary has been a personal journey. Frank travels around the world visits the most dangerous gyms in various countries to talk to the fiercest fighters. His adventures span from Mexico to Senegal to Brazil as he discovers what each fight style means to each country. These fighters are giants among men. I think of Fight World as a means of enlightening the masses about what a real fighter looks like, and also, how they live and operate. The program is so intense that you almost feel as if you breathe the same air and gain perspective into what their motivation is; some trying to drag their families out of poverty, others to uphold their village’s pride and this culminates beautifully into a real-life drama worth watching. While the violence may seem brutal, the poignant moments when Frank sits down and speaks to each fighter one-on-one elevates this documentary to an entirely different level.

 4. BoJack Horseman

Comedy – When I say comedy, I really mean dark, dark comedy – a show that has layers upon layers of it. BoJack Horseman discusses mental health with a twist of sarcasm. Some moments leave you laughing while others make you reach out emotively, feeling for the characters.

This is a cartoon, not suitable for children. We follow the life of a horse. Yes, you read that right, a horse. But that’s not the point. The story follows Bojack, who is grappling with the fact that he is no longer relevant, nor the huge star he used to be. While the first season focuses on Bojack, the next few seasons delve further into the lives of the supporting characters. Todd; a party guest who never left Bojack’s house, Princess Caroline; his exasperated agent and Diane; a writer hired to write Bojack’s biography. We follow each character’s trials, issues with their mental health and trying to function to the best of their capabilities.

So there you have it! Netflix your way into 2019 with food, fight, love, and drama! Enjoy!

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