3 Movies You Will Love to Watch With Your Teenage Daughters

By Rabia Mughni
January 5, 2019

Watch these Netflix Movies with your preteen or teenage daughters and enjoy some quality time together

Mother-Daughter Movies can make you laugh out loud, smile with that “I totally get you’ feeling inside, and sometimes, shed a tear or two. As you both get comfy on the living room sofa, bring on the popcorn as we give you 3 of our BEST mother-daughter selections from the season. So sit back and savour those precious 1-2 hours of film time, laugh a little, (sometimes, not at the same things), and take your pick from the 3 movies we’ve selected for you, or watch all 3! You can thank us later!

1. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Story: The film is about a girl who is an introvert and how one day, all the boys she had a crush on, find out about her crushes. She is extremely embarrassed of course, but this opens the door to her romantic life. Find out how she ends up with the most unexpected choice of them all.

Why: Comedy, romance, and high cuteness factor

Snack: Popcorn, Chips and Coke kind of movie

What will happen: You will bond with your daughter over laughter. You can touch upon the topic of crushes and boys if you haven’t already. You can initiate a discussion and let her know the extent you are comfortable with her interacting with boys.

Money Back Guarantee: You will both laugh and love it.

2. Set It Up

Story: Two assistants who work for workaholic bosses have no life of their own. They decide to set up their bosses, hoping that the romance will distract them from work and lighten up their own workload. This setting up leads to the start of their very own love story.

Why:  Comedy and Romance

Snack: Burgers or pizza followed by a tub of chocolate ice cream kind of movie

What will happen: You might actually have a conversation with her about how the two assistants could have done things differently. Or how romantic it is to fall in love like this. A good way to start a conversation about love … hmmm.

Money Back Guarantee: You will enjoy a feel-good, romantic film.

3. Kissing Booth

Story: She is in love with her best friend’s brother who is totally out of her league. Also, the brother part makes it off-limits for her to ever think about him. A rare twist of fate, however, brings her closer to her lifelong crush. You have to watch the film to find out what happens next.

WARNING: The kissing incidents are on the higher side so just bear that in mind.

Why: Comedy & romance.

Snack: Popcorn and chocolate ice cream, kind of movie

What will happen: You both will find it extremely gross and will end up saying YUCK at regular intervals. You will both get a bit uncomfortable at certain points in the story, but overall, totally enjoy it.

Money Back Guarantee: You will enjoy a nice romantic film together.


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