By Samreen Ali
December 17, 2016

After the blockbuster success of their animated film 3 Bahadur, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and ARY Films have returned with the sequel.

Much to my delight, the winning formula prevails in this delightful continuation of the 3 Bahadur franchise. 3 Bahadur: The Revenge of Baba Balaam has far exceeded its predecessor in its scripting, animation-quality and story-telling. The sequences and action in this one are twice the fun. This new film boasts visual splendor and a nimble narrative: adding up to animated fun for the whole family.

Why take your little ones to view the sequel? Well, for starters, it’s one of the few quality-animated Childrens’ Films produced in Urdu by a Pakistani production house. Correct that, it is not just a Childrens’ Film but a Family Entertainer, since I do recall sitting back to enjoy the humour, the silly antics and the emotion-charged battle for supremacy as Good vs Evil fight it out in an animated thriller!

And if that isn’t enough to convince you, then do read on as I divulge a little bit more, but not all, about the script, production, plot, characters and ofcourse, the powerful message behind the sequel!

Yes It’s About The Bad Guys vs Good Guys, But That’s Still Cool For Children!

Upbeat but intense; this film looks at identity, family ties and the power of unity. The screenplay conveys very successfully to children that people are not inherently bad, that everyone has good and bad in them and the righteous ones are those who are able to channelize the good in themselves and others. What really moved me was how, in simple sequences, parents were shown that if they trust their children infinitely and keep communication alive, their children will bloom to become responsible, caring individuals. The on-screen camaraderie between parents and children is very strong,   where parents learn from children and vice versa.

Lights, Camera, Action! Watch Animation Create A ‘Reel’ Life Feel To The Sets!

Under the fluid direction of Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, the screenplay never seems in danger of falling into lethargy.  In fact, it is both energetic and magnetic in its appeal; pulling us in with the delightful set of Roshan Basti. The animation is gorgeous and vividly hued – Roshan Basti depicts a very familiar setting filled with ever-prevalent local props and dhaabas. One can see that a lot of homework has been done with scene-setting as most of the sights are a true depiction of familiar images across Pakistan.

As the director explained, We wanted to create a very real world, so when children see it, they know it’s their world. We knew that if we created their world, things they are familiar with, they would feel an instant connection.”

The Message Is Loud And Clear, Especially When Delivered By A Parrot! (The joys of animation yet again)

The characters are likeable enough in this generally engaging, family-friendly tale. The humor is light, if sometimes a bit corny. Mithu the parrot adds another twist to the plot. I’m not about to give away the twist, for fear of a spoiler alert. Wait and watch and see if you can predict the twist! The voice-overs are spot-on and character development is limited but interesting enough to pique the viewer’s attention. 3 Bahadur is proudly scripted in Urdu. Its witticisms and messages are directed at the nation as a whole and not just the anglicized upper classes.

A Worthy Message To Take Home

Baba Balaam’s campaign of destruction couldn’t come at a worse possible time for Saadi, Amna and Kamil, who find themselves in conflict with each other. When Deenu their trusted friend lands into trouble, they have to find a way to come together again, since they realize that only then can they defeat the all-powerful Baba Balaam who seems to have cast a spell on their bustling Roshan Basti. Once again they unite together against the face of evil and use their super powers. They battle against the odds and stand up to injustice to restore peace and harmony in their once thriving community.

The idea that there’s always strength in being united and forgiving each other is definitely a worthy message to take home, need I say, not only for children, but grown ups too.

Academy Award winning film director Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy shares: “The Revenge of Baba Balaam is a family entertainer. You will laugh at the antics of Mithu the parrot and be in awe at the courage displayed by the 3 Bahadur.”

The Revenge of Baba Balaam, features voice overs by Fahad Mustafa, Behroze Subzwari, Sarwat Gilani, Ahmad Ali Butt, Khalid Malik, Zeba Shehnaz, Zuhab Khan, Arisha Razi Khan, Hanzala Shahid, Ali Gul Pir, Mustafa Changazi, Badar Qureshi and Bassam Shazli. Shiraz Uppal has composed the soundtrack of the film.

One can safely say that Waadi Animations has successfully created yet another film where children can catch a reflection of themselves on the big screen. Atleast the children who watched with me went home thinking that they could be tomorrow’s heroes one day, and that is by no means an easy feat. Kudos to the entire team of 3 Bahadur!

3 Bahadur is successfully showing in Cinemas across Pakistan. Grab your tickets now!


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