10 Things That Annoy Us for a Reason

By Maria Arif
November 19, 2017

Is the toilet lid down again? Or did I just catch someone slurping down their tea with maddening sound effects? Is that another tea stain on the kitchen counter because someone didn’t bother to place the spoon in a saucer? Do any of these images work up a queasiness inside your tummy? Do you feel like pulling your hair out or gritting your teeth in tortured silence?

If you do, then you’re not alone! You just have a pet peeve! An action, a word, a behaviour you find absolutely and unequivocally abhorrent? Pet peeves are our worst nightmare and they have the ability to drive any sane person nuts. They annoy you and fester inside you till you just can’t take it anymore! Pet peeves can really get under your skin!

For someone with a temper like mine-incredibly short and unpredictable, everything turns into a pet peeve! (No exaggeration there!). Here are the top 10 pet peeves from my journal that will take no less than a second to turn that smile upside down.

1. Wet bathroom floors are not on!

Imagine waking up early in the morning for an 8:00 am class and the second you open the bathroom door, still half asleep, you catch your reflection in a puddle of water that’s been there since God knows when! If encountering that mess first thing in the morning or any time of the day for that matter doesn’t annoy you to the core, I commend your patience!

2. When you go for a handshake and they go for tight hugs

The sheer awkwardness and clinginess when you meet someone you know at a party and extend your right hand for a handshake and they completely disregard your hand and decide to pull you into a tight, sweaty hug, leaving you gasping for air. Err, some distance, please?

3. When someone says they don’t like Harry Potter

For someone like me whose reading journey began with Harry Potter, any hateful rants from people who don’t like Harry Potter is downright annoying and insulting! These people can go on and on about how the HP series are so ‘far away from reality’ and how they don’t ‘get the hype.’ My retort: It’s fantasy, people! Have you never allowed your imagination to roam free from the shackles of real life stories? Live and let live and let us enjoy our magic, madness and mystery while you read your autobiographies! Enough said.

4. Don’t you ‘Dear’ me, Dear!

Nothing is more cringe-worthy than random people or even people you know well, calling you ‘Dear’ on text messages, Facebook comments and in public! This term of endearment hits hard, particularly on social media. The ‘Dear’ brigade never fails to send a cringe-like shiver down my spine. Um, spare us the torture, maybe?!

5. Picking wet food that makes its way into the kitchen sink

As if doing the dishes wasn’t annoying enough, some of the food flows along with the water into the drain and the sight is absolutely nauseating, to say the least. That slimy concoction of mushy food and water makes your hands tingle and recoil with absolute horror and disgust. And the second there’s contact between the two, you feel like you’ll just die of sheer misery.

6. Cheesy public demonstrations of love on social media

Those long, never-ending cheesy, mushy birthday/anniversary love messages that appear uninvited on our Facebook newsfeed only to force us to logout or scroll wayyy down so we don’t feel the need to stick pins in our eyes! Sure, social media is your ‘oyster’ where you can do whatever you want, but, um, get a room, maybe?

7. It’s just KGS, not your gateway to heaven (???)

‘Oh, my child goes to KGS’. (Stated with a strong emphasis coupled with an incredibly smug expression), ‘Where does yours go?’ Sure, you’re incredibly proud of your child making it to KGS (don’t think this one needs a full form), and both you and your family are over the moon. How about not rubbing it in others’ faces and acting like you got a free pass to heaven?

8. Epic fail eye-rolls

Sure, you want to put yourself across as Mr. or Miss. I-Don’t-Care and wish to keep rolling those big eyes of yours. How about you first excel at the eye-roll game and then enter the race? It takes a pro to do a successful eye-roll and you, who are so oblivious of the fact that your half zombie-like eye-roll gets stuck upwards, and gives us the creeps, need to stop!

9. ‘Art’ on bathroom walls

If you share a bathroom with people in your house, get ready to feast your eyes on some of the most ‘creative’ wall art, not made with paint or color but with… wait for it…hair! Yep, you read it right. Every time it’s your turn to take a shower after someone else is done with their’s, you will be welcomed with strands of wet, clingy hair decorated all over the shower walls. As if wet floors weren’t enough! Oh, the horror!

10. Your mouth is a perfume (not) we don’t want to be sprayed with!

So we know you’re too lazy to raise that hand all the way to your mouth and cover it when you’re suddenly blessed with a sneeze or nonstop coughing, but at least have the decency to turn your head the other way and not shower us with that water spray. Care about hygiene and germs, if anything at all, no?

You might wish to un-read everything or may be cringing by now. But this had to be said out loud. For these are my top pet peeves! What are yours?


About Maria Arif

Maria, currently an undergrad has been involved with Dar-ul- Sukoon as well as her own Non-profit start up: Unfolding Lives. Although writing is her dream, and she wants her words to weave an emotional spell over her readers, Maria not only plans to publish a book, but also become a fitness trainer and acquire culinary skills!