Adab Festival – 7 Reasons Why You Should Be There

January 30, 2019
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The ADAB FEST Plans to Relive and Revive Literature and The Arts in Pakistan

The New Year rings in exciting festivals for Karachiites – From food to satisfy our palates to food that nourishes the mind and soul, Karachiites are living the best life in terms of playing host to some happening festivals in the city. The month of February will start with an exciting literature fest “Adab Festival Pakistan”. Adab Fest is the perfect opportunity for bookworms to meet their favorite authors. The festival is one of the most sought after events and it will be held at the Sindh Governor House on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd February, 2018. With the advancement of technology, we have lost the charm of reading paperback material and we’re missing the feel of a freshly-published book in our hands! Adab Festival Pakistan will reintroduce you to your favorite companion in a series of imaginative, thought-provoking events that will keep you engaged long after the weekend is over.

If you nurture a literature lover inside of you, then walk through our 7 highlights of the Adab Festival Pakistan. From Book launches to Mushairas, keynote speakers featuring eminent personalities from the world of Art & Literature, the Adab Fest offers an engaging line up of activities planned for the Culture & Art lover in you!

1. Explore Javed Jabbar’s “What is Pakistaniat”?

The launch of Javed Jabbar’s book “What is Pakistaniat?” is one of the highlights of the event. The book was released in 2011 and the event was attended by noted laureates including Yousuf Raza Gillani. This JJ book identifies and explores factors which, according to the writer, make Pakistan’s birth the most unique origin of a nation-state in the world.

Adab Festival Pakistan

2. The Lost Charm Of Urdu Mushaira

Another reason to attend Adab Festival Pakistan is to relive the charm of Urdu Mushaira. Lose yourself in words as you listen to the finer renditions of Urdu poetry by Ahmed Naveed, Afzal Syed, Anwar Shaoor, Iftikhar Arif, and many more!

3. Launch of 20 Plus Books – A Book Lover’s Dream!

Adab Festival Pakistan is launching 20 plus books from Pakistani and Pakistani-origin authors and it is the best forum to show your support to our incredible writers who make a positive contribution to Literature in Pakistan. Browse recent book releases at the Adab Fest as the festival is aiming to launch 20 books, including Iftikhar Salahuddin’s “If Stones Could Speak. Echoes From The Past”, Mohammed Hanif’s “Red Birds”, Ayesha Khan’s “The Women’s Movement In Pakistan: Activism, Islam And Democracy”, Kishwar Naheed’s “Shirin Sukhani Say Paray”, Syed Kashif Raza’s “Chaar Darwesh Aur Ek Kachwa”, Tariq Khosa’s “Inconvenient Truths. Pakistan’s Governance Challenges”, Hazaf Fatima Haider’s “A Firefly In The Dark” and many more!

Adab Festival Pakistan

4. Bus Bhai Bus, Ziada Baat Nahi Chief Saab!

Nadeem Farooq Paracha with Fasi Zaka will attend the festival to participate in a casual and humorous retrospective of NFP’s career in cultural commentary focusing on urban pop culture and the interplay of TV, film, and music with socio-economic drivers.

Adab Festival Pakistan

5. Umera Ahmed

The beloved author and the brain behind the various drama stories “Umera Ahmed” and her brainchild will be discussed by a LUMS student-led panel. The introduction of “Mein nē Khwābōñ Kā Shajar Dēkhā” will also be featured in this discussion along with the bestselling and most influential novels written post – 9/11!

6. Qawwali & Comedy – An Additional Bonus!

Adab Festival Pakistan will also host a Qawwali evening by Saami Brothers brought to Adab Fest by “I AM KARACHI”. The attendees can enjoy a soulful performance from Saami Brothers – an additional reason to attend the event. Imran Shafqat

7. The Unbeatable Books & Chai Combo

Chai, snacks, and books go hand in hand. Adab Festival Pakistan will also host food stalls including Bits & Bites, Chai Babu, Desi Gali, Espresso, OPTP, Pappu Chaat, and Yeh Cheese! Now you can enjoy your favorite books with your favorite snacks.


Adab Festival Pakistan

Adab Festival Pakistan offers you a platform to indulge in a weekend surrounded by ‘Adab’. The calendar of events at Adab Fest seems to cater to visitors from all walks of life. Book Lovers, Food Lovers, Stage performers (String Puppets), Urdu Poetry Lovers, Music Lovers,  Stand up Comedy by Shafaat Ali, Book Launches, Meet & Greet sessions with the authors and much, much more. So come celebrate the Performing Arts, the words of some very prolific writers, share your thoughts on panel discussions and all this, with a book in hand and a cup of chai – need you ask for more?

For more on the AdabFest, please visit the Adab Fest Website, connect to their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.


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